Monday, 26 April 2021

M10 1359 DR: Barrowmaze Session #1 - Manu's letter



Ma's Place

Goblin Town


Hi Ma,


I hope you are well?


Me and Billy Boy are in a town called Helix in the south, we worked as roadies for Zee Zee and Beard for a spell, but when the dwarf miners started throwing stuff, like arrows, we said farewell.  I heard Ted's in the neighbourhood, so I  got a job.  I'm the stable boy of the Brazen Strumpet.  It's not as big as your place, and horses don't bite anywhere near as much as worgs, so it's an easy gig. I even have time to go adventuring, like dad.


It happened when I met a wizard called Mirabelle; she's terrific Ma, a real pro.  As soon as she arrived in town, she recruited a party, and we were on our first expedition to a place called the Barrowmoor for loot.  There are four of us now, Brother Farnad, he's an acolyte of one of the human gods, and the fantastic Miss Ester Zo who can talk to badgers.  I'm still sleeping in the stable, but I have fancy armour and a pair of genuine elf boots.


The Barrowmoor is a mysterious place, and there are more old graves scattered about than I can count on both hands.  Mirabelle says these folks called the Nar buried their heroes along with their treasure in these Barrows, which are like graves, but above the ground, not below it; well, some go underground, it's confusing.  Mirabelle knows loads about these Nar folks; apparently, they got involved with some demonic cult, and there was a schism.  I don't know what schism means precisely, but it sounds like the goblins kicking off at happy hour.  Beneath the Barrowmoor is the Barrowmaze, an epic labyrinth full of mysteries. 


I'm making notes, Ma, just as you said.  Billy Boy and me write them down at bedtime, so I don't forget anything. 


Ma, I am sorry about the roof;  I had no idea wyverns hatched so quickly. 


Love you, miss you, don't worry, I'll be careful.




P.S.  No sign of dad or Ted, and Eldred is dead XXX


Manu & Billy Boy,

Autumn 1359,

The Stable,

The Brazen Strumpet,


Barony of Grimstead.


Barrows investigated

1.           Gold and silver offerings (not looted)

9.           Earth covered (a rat told Ester centipedes nest inside - unexplored)

10.         Eight interesting amphora depicting pastoral scenes (sold to Mazar)

11.         20' tall stone covered in runes

19.         Flooded trapped complex (fancy amphora, glowing sword, fancy ring looted, elf boots on Manu's sneaky feet :-D)

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