Tuesday, 6 April 2021

FA2 2-3/10/1359 Visiting Fulscarp; to Underhall (137 XP)

2/10/59: Party visit Lady Aryn at Fulscarp Manor, get 200gp reward; Arian recruits Lyssa Brown as a trainee Druid.

3/10/59: Party returns to Fort Skulnar/Ironwolf, then on to Underhall with Trystan, Elia & Sirondar. Defeat three grey oozes, then Death Dogs appear...

Simon N. (GM):Hi Kim!
OK so Arian & Wisteria are travelling by horse to the Druids' Grove near Tellerth to see Jaroo?
Arian awoke filled with both a sense of wonder and dread. She had felt the touch of Silvanus but the news he bore was dreadful. Still, it was better to know what lay ahead than not. She knew in her heart that they were not ready yet to face so great a foe.
She had to tell Jaroo.
(But she will take a bath first to get rid of all the acorn paste)
Simon N. (GM)::)
With spare horses you can travel 70 miles & reach Zarach on the Great Imphras River in a day, rest overnight then take a ferry cross the river and ride 2 more days at a slower pace to Druid's Grove in the NW Rawlinswood - journey costs 4gp or less if you're ok w Exhaustion checks. :)
Arian:4 gp is ok
clink clink fast dwindling pocketbook
Simon N. (GM):OK you arrive at the Grove mid afternoon and are ushered to Jaroo who is communing with the Great Oak, the enchanted tree that allows him to communicate with far-flung druids across Damara and Impiltur.
Jaroo: "Yes?"
Arian:Arian bows. "Jaroo, I came because I could not wait for another sending. I have news of what lies in wait beneath Feycircle Tor."
Simon N. (GM):"Go on."
Arian:I completed a ritual to communicate with The Forest Father and there is an unimaginable evil there. One, I am afraid, I am not yet capable of defeating even with the help of the companions I have made. It is a Great Carrion Worm. But the good news is that it moves at a snail's pace. The danger is great and real -- but it will be some time before the evil creature reaches any farther. This will give me time to grow and learn so that I may defeat it."
bows low again
Simon N. (GM):OK roll Persuasion :)
OOC I have NO charisma!!!!
as she bows, she slips on the steps and clumsily rights herself
Simon N. (GM):Jaroo doesn't look too impressed. "Strange that I could not sense this. But perhaps your greater proximity to the taint allowed for more insight. I do not know what exactly this 'worm' might be."
(To GM):
Simon N. (GM):He definitely doesn't know! crit fail :)
Arian:"I understand that you know me little, but I hope that you can look deep into my heart and see that I have no deception or guile in me."
"I am rough, I know. But I have only the land in my heart."
Simon N. (GM):"I do not doubt you. But... Even if it is too powerful to defeat, we must have more information. Get as close as you can to the source of corruption at Feycircle, try to discern more of its nature. Is it a physical threat, to be fought by swords and spells? Or spiritual? Perhaps it is demonic in nature, and the Priests and Paladins of Ilmater will aid us. Or it could be Fey. Aberrant, even..."
Arian:"I will do what I can and grow in my knowledge as fast as possible. I have found steadfast companions in my journey with many different strengths and they care about the people and the land as I do."
Simon N. (GM):"Very good. It sounds as if you will need strong allies for the task ahead. Do not be afraid to seek aid from the Monks of the Yellow Rose and the Paladins of the Golden Cup. They do not see the world as we do, but they are fierce foes of Evil."
Arian:"On another matter, though it is related, we have recently liberated an orc stronghold and have been given control of it. I hope to heal the wounds on the land there and, perhaps, also teach the ways of the Forest Father."
"One of our number is, indeed, a Monk of the Yellow Rose and another is a Paladin."
"They are fierce indeed."
"Do you know of any younglings that are curious about our ways who wold wish to take a position in our stronghold? I could use the assistance. I want to make it a place of natural peace."
"and healing."
Simon N. (GM):Jaroo smiles slighty. "Good. Remind me, did I tell you of my old comrade, Elmo of Hommlet? His home village is not far from Feycircle. I'm sure he will be keen to aid us - I can Send to him, to let him know you are coming."
Arian:"I have not heard his name, but I look forward to meeting him."
Simon N. (GM):You can roll Persuasion re Youngling request, DC 15
OOC Dammit. Can I try my inspiration?
Simon N. (GM):Sure
Simon N. (GM):bad luck
Arian:no charisma
And my flaw ;-)
Simon N. (GM):Jaroo: "None of the latest Novitiates are yet ready to leave the Grove. But you may find adherents of the Old Faith in Carmathan or Arcata - look for holly or oak leaves above the door. Elmo, too, is of our Faith and may be able to suggest someone."
Arian:"I thank you for your time, Jaroo."
Simon N. (GM):"Thank you for coming. Here, some money for your expenses..." hands over a pouch of 10gp
Arian:"Oh, I do thank you greatly for that. I hope to establish a healing garden as well and this will go well to get that started. Is there someone here I could talk to about purchasing some hardy rootstock and plants to take with me?" She looks down for a moment and away. "I feel that...the healing power of the Forest Father will be needed in the coming days."
Simon N. (GM):Jaroo nods. "Of course - speak with Bergana" - he directs Arian to a stout old druidess who is very keen to talk about plants. :)
GM: How much money does Arian have?
Arian:with that 10 gp, 272 copper, 93 silver, 59 gold
and 10 gp of collected stuff
Simon N. (GM):OK so you can afford to buy the plants for 40gp then travel back (at a slower pace - 4 days & another 4gp)
Arian:Oh, and 2 bottles left of homebrew. Is Bergana a drinker?
Simon N. (GM):She wouldn't say no to a tipple :) roll Persuasion
Arian:egad, can I roll first with my brewing to see how good it is and maybe get a bonus if it's a particular good tipple?
Simon N. (GM):good idea
oh yay! A good bottle!
Simon N. (GM):10 is drinkable, 20 very good - you get +5 on the persuasion roll
oh ffs so 8.
I swear I'm never doing a character with charisma this bad again. I mean, it fits her RP wise but it's annoying!
Simon N. (GM):Bergana enjoys the drink but you still pay full price :)
Arian:Arian hands over 40gp "If you are ever over that way, Bergana, please do visit."
Simon N. (GM):Yeah CHA isn't a good one to dump stat! Persuasion Stealth & Perception are the uber skills IME, then Arcana & Athletics.
"Thank you - I certainly will! Can't say I've ever been west of the river. though."
Arian:At least she's good at Nature-y and Animal Handling-y stuff
Simon N. (GM):Yup :)
Arian:Is there anything else of interest at the Grove while Arian is here?
Simon N. (GM):If you want you can reallocate 2 stat points wen you reach level 4 to reflect life experience
Arian:Yes, might do that! Makes sense character wise, actually -- as she learns how to talk with people.
Simon N. (GM):The Grove has a timeless quality, seeming far removed from the political ferment of Damara. Amidst the ancient trees Arian feels a sense of peace.
Arian:"Om mani padme hum..."
Finding a bit of the moss in her hair from the clearing where she had the vision from the Forest Father, Arian finds a tree and places the moss on it, then waters it from her waterskin.
And says a few words to Silvanus.
"...may the peace I feel here spread throughout the land."
Simon N. (GM):Resting in the Grove: A character long resting here gains advantage on Saving Throws to recover from long-acting Diseases and Poisons. In addition, at the end of the week, a character can end one Effect that keeps the character from regaining Hit Points, or can restore one ability score that has been reduced to less than its normal value. This benefit cannot be used if the harmful Effect was caused by a spell or some other magical Effect with an ongoing Duration.
Arian is feeling ok already though :)
Arian:Yes, she's at peace, though annoyed with herself for her inability to communicate. ;-)
Ok, will add that to the forum post. At least I got the plants!
Simon N. (GM)::)
Simon N. (GM):my landlady should be calling shortly - see you tonight!
Arian:ok! See you later!
Gorlock (Tony):hola
Arian:Hiya Jelly!
Jelly:Finally it loaded!
Hi everyone! xx
Arian:It is super slow today!
Greeba (Jelena):Hi Jelly and all!
Gorlock (Tony):hey
Arian:Hi Jelena!
Our Fort is looking nice!
Gorlock (Tony):I can't get the call option to work in messenger
Greeba (Jelena):Oh, and they've dug a new well! Good job!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Hellllo brave companions! :-)
Greeba (Jelena):How is Shaggy playing with Grimsby's ox?
Arian:I think Shaggy is staying well away from the giant ox
Simon N. (GM):Hi all
Arian:Shaggy what a strange smelling creature
Hiya Simon!
Simon N. (GM):Shaggy is avoiding the ox's long horns.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Wow! The Fort looks fantastic!
Like an episode of DIY disasters after the team of pros has finished!
Arian:Yep, glad to have the well not full of dead decomposing bodies anymore...
Simon N. (GM):After 10 days work the fort is looking a lot better, though still rough around the edges. Having just returned from the Druids' Grove, Arian is staking out a plot for her herb garden.
Arian:Arian wants to take comportment lessons from Thibault and Gorlock
Gorlock (Tony):big words
Greeba (Jelena):Have we all finished training? (OOC I imagine us doing T'ai Chi exercises with weapons)
Simon N. (GM):Garden - maybe at the south wall of the keep just north of Grimsby's tent?
Arian:Yep, that's a good place for it! Best to keep it away from where the horses would go
Gorlock (Tony):My int isn't high enough to understand
Arian:Arian wants to know how to Make Friends and Influence People
Gorlock (Tony):ah...
Arian:Ah, I have a garden!
Gorlock (Tony):That's a big ox
We need money. must adventure
Arian:hands out pears and/or apples from the orchard (if they are in season; I have no idea what season it is)
Gorlock (Tony):otherwise bandits will kill us when wages due...
Simon N. (GM):It's autumn, you pick up a few late fruit
Jelly:OOC Simon I've been really ropey all of last week because of the vaccine so didn't get a chance to do Trystan's sheey, happy to use hus NPC stat block for now and get the sheet done for next week?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I can try to teach you if it's possible... Simon, can I help her get trained in persuasion now that It have +6 in it?
Greeba (Jelena):Greeba's not very interested in fruit, unless in the form of pie
Simon N. (GM):NPC Trystan is fine Jelly - he came back w Gorlock?
Greeba (Jelena):But thanks Arian
Arian:"Look at these lovely pears and apples! We can surely turn them into something good. Perhaps a liquoer."
Jelly:Yes it seems like they're good friends now!
Arian:They bonded
Simon N. (GM):>>Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I can try to teach you if it's possible... Simon, can I help her get trained in persuasion now that It have +6 in it?<< Yes, will take about a year though!
Gorlock (Tony):ha
Jelly:OOC I almost prefer the NPC stat block, it's lovely and streamlined, easy to navigate too.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Fair enough. The sooner we start the earlier we'll be done. :-)
Is tha ok, Aryan?
Simon N. (GM):Trystan roll Performance please
Arian:That'd be good
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):And that's a great way to make a long journey more interesting!
Arian:And I plan on re-allocating some ability stuff when I hit level 4 so I can have a bit of charisma...
rolling 1d20+6
Gorlock (Tony):My headphones are dead
can see the copper...
Trystan:Toss a coin to your Warlock!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil)::-D
Gorlock (Tony):I can hear you...
Gorlock (Tony):
rolling 1d2
Arian:Do you want me to bring you some headphones?
Gorlock (Tony):yes please
Simon N. (GM):Trystan's nightly performances keep the fort inhabitants enraptured. Elia the pretty shadow sorceress seems particularly enraptured by the handsome bard - to Siromdat
Trystan:OOC probably better you can't hear Trystan singing lol
Gorlock (Tony):coin toss
Simon N. (GM):Sirondar's noticeable disgruntlement.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil)::-( oohhhh poor Sirondar.
We need to find him a GF or he'll leave the fort.
Gorlock (Tony):new earphones coming tomorrow
Trystan:Lady's choice :-)
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Find him a GF that will like him.
Gorlock (Tony):;)
Trystan:OOC I thought he and Elia were already together?
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"You must find this rustic fort very boring after the big city, master Trystan."
Trystan:In which case Trystan won't make a move, he's not that slutty!
Gorlock (Tony):Gorlock is
Simon N. (GM):They do seem to have grown close - Trystan roll insight
Trystan:Well, Sir Sirondar, there is a certain country charm, is there not?
rolling 1d20 +1
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"Yes, personally I prefer the clean air of the wilderness..."
Trystan:The fresh air...the green fields....the murderous bandits........
Simon N. (GM):Trystan can tell Elia is fond of Sirondar, but not above making him a bit jealous. :)
Trystan:And I believe there's a wine cellar here as well? We must spend an afternoon exploring that!
Elia :"Oh yes! Let me show you the cellar..."
Trystan:Let's all go together! The more the merrier, eh?
Gorlock! Are you coming to the wine cellar?
Greeba (Jelena):"I'd rather go to find adventure, me!"
Frank:"Captain Thibault Sir! Reckon the men are ready to hold the fort while you're away!"
Trystan:I find it's always better to strike out on adventures at least slightly inebriated, dear Greeba!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Thanks a lot Frank! You have done a pristine work, training your men and leading them!
Gorlock (Tony):Cellar quickly
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"Yes, let me show you the way Trystan..." ushers Trystan towards keep
Simon N. (GM):Trystan Sirondar Elia & Gorlock head for the cellar
Greeba (Jelena):"Rage comes naturally to me, bard, no drinks required"
Arian:When you say "cellar" do you mean the room we found with barrels OR down below ?
Simon N. (GM):Arriving in the vault they find it lit by the ever-burning flame... no sign of wine though.
The vault reached via the master bedroom upstairs
Greeba (Jelena):OOC I thought we blocked that one!
Simon N. (GM):(you nailed the trapdoor, it can be un-nailed) Grimsby comes over to Thibault. "You like the look of our work, sir?"
Trystan:Hmmmmm, well this is a little disappointing.....
Greeba (Jelena):OOC Is Sirondar trying to lock Trystan in the cellar?
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"Indeed. Still, it has definite possibilities, once Lady Arian gets brewing."
Trystan:I might have to remedy matters by having some wine sent from the Cumin! I'm sure they'll give us a good price. I might even try my hand at a vineyard here, it looks like it gets plenty of sun........
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Master Grimsby, you are even above your already high reputation for superb craftsmanship!
Arian:Arian putters around in the garden
Elia :"Sun never agrees with me... I go all pink and blotchy!"
Trystan:Arian is a master brewess? Excellent! She can teach me a little about growing grapes perhaps as well, in exchange for beautiul ballads about the forest..........
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Would you like to stay with us in the Fort? We could use a talented and gifted stonemason like you!
Gorlock (Tony):No need for that, I'm sure she would do it for the friendship
ooc - save our ears
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):To Grimsby: "Some settlers are gonna come in soon and you won't be sort of work here!"
Simon N. (GM):"No thank you sir, I have a business back in Ravensburg. Steward Dahnim did give me a little extra gold to make sure your fort's in good repair though, so I'll be here a few more weeks if it please ye. The roof on the Queen's Tor is in a shocking state..."
Gorlock (Tony):Shall go find the others and find some adventure
We can fill this cellar later
Come Trystan
Greeba (Jelena):Yes to adventuring and looting!
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"Excellent plan, Gorlock!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Yes, we need to find some monies and soon. Or we might have some issues with paying all these good people"
Gorlock (Tony):I'd like to avoid a mob
How much is the monthly wage again?
Arian:(Dove is the one who can do good woodwork, yes?) Arian will have a word with her about what she needs to get started making some ale and/or cider/perry
84 gold a month
is what I had written down -- 28/silver a day?
Greeba (Jelena):yes
or 10gp per person (if inc. NPCs)
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"So, Thibault, what's our next adventure?"
Greeba (Jelena):If it's just the 7 PCs then 12gp each per month
Gorlock (Tony):Fine, let's earn some loot
Arian:"We could try to talk Lady Aryn into giving us the reward for sorting the -- lowers voice -- bandit problem. Or go after the troll?"
Greeba (Jelena):"Or Underhall?"
Arian:"Yes, or Underhall."
Trystan:Underhall would certainly have treasure worth the looting......
Gorlock (Tony):Underhall
Wisteria of Skullspire:brb
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"Treasure? Sounds excellent!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Yes, Arian, I could try my newfound slef-confidence and persuade Lady Aryn. We have nothing to lose after all".
Arian:"Jaroo would still like us to investigate Feycircle Tor, but after my vision, I know we are not ready to do much there other than aboveground. Though he did mention an Elmo that we should meet."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):And then we can go to Underhall
Is Elmoa persn or a God we can ally with its followers?
Arian:Elmo of Hommlet
"His home village is not far from Feycircle.
Gorlock (Tony):I'm happy either way, but need some treasure
Arian:"Jaroo said he would be sure to help us, though I am not sure in what way."
Gorlock (Tony):Let's kill some bad guys
Simon N. (GM):GM: Eamon is busy practicing his katas (Bill w his mum) so he can mind the fort while you're away. That leaves 8 of you w Sirondar & Elia.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):The mission with Elmo is not a sureway to get some loot so maybe we should postpone it?
Simon N. (GM):9 w Tiffany :)
Arian:"Yes, that is fine with me."
"I think he is a fair journey away as well."
Simon N. (GM):going on map page
10 miles to Fulscarp & Lady Blackthorn, a couple hours on horseback
Trystan:My dear Lady Arian, I hear you are a mistress of brewing? Might this extend to fine wines as well? I bow before your expertise!
Simon N. (GM):Elmo is a couple days away at Hommlet
Greeba (Jelena):Are we supposed to get a reward from Lady Aryn? Let's go there, then!
Simon N. (GM):GM: You 8 mount up and head for Fulscarp.
Gorlock (Tony):ok
Arian:"Trystan, I am a fair hand at anything to do with beverages."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Perfect!
Trystan:OOC we've got Trystan to help butter her up!
Gorlock (Tony)::)
Arian:"Drinking as well!"
Simon N. (GM):After 6 miles you enter the woods around the Shattered Tower of the Hag, Aretha.
Trystan:Excellent, Lady Arian! Together we can create nectar that rivals that of the gods'!
Arian:OOC We might be able to get a reward from her unless she thinks we're consorting with bandits...
Simon N. (GM):The gnarled trees on each side of the trail have an eldritch and sinister air.
Arian:Can I do a Nature check?
On these sinister trees?
Greeba (Jelena):"Arian, can you sense anything here?"
Simon N. (GM):Soon you see the jagged remains of the tower rising close by to the south. (sure)
Gorlock (Tony):Arian, sees the true nature of the world
Arian:OOC I just can't talk to people.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):@Arian "I think my pitch will be about getting rid of the bandits and sentencing them to working at my fort"
Simon N. (GM):It's definitely Fey inluence, likely due to the forest hag Aretha's long dwelling here.
rolling d6
Trystan:OOC phew, looks like she's not coming out today, at least!
Gorlock (Tony):we need something to train on...
Arian:"I do not like the look of these trees. They seem to be in pain."
Greeba (Jelena):...or is she????
Simon N. (GM):This is what it looks like from above :) - but you ride by safely along the track to the north.
Trystan:OOC well the music hasn't changed yet so......
OOC that sword looks cool though.....
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Metagaming = musicgaming
Arian:Arian doesn't think she likes anyone that makes the trees grow in such a twisted way
Simon N. (GM):40 minutes later you ride into Fulscarp village.
Arian:"Sir Thibault and Gorlock -- perhaps while we are here you could also see if there are any likely candidates for a druid initiate?"
"I would like one with us at the fort, but I fear I am not persuasive enough to attract anyone..."
Simon N. (GM):The local stablemaster Birk offers to look after your horses.
Gus the Halfling: "We'll take good care of those fine steeds, lords and ladies! Just two silver each for the day!"
Gorlock (Tony):yes good sir, can your point us to lady aryn?
ooc - how many horses
Greeba (Jelena):8
Simon N. (GM):Birk: "Aye, past those children playing in a circle, you see that big manor house? In there."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Aryan. I'll keep an eye open. Give me a nudge if you see one!
Gorlock (Tony):here you go my friend
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Sorry: Arian with an i
Arian:Do I see anyone that looks in tune with nature? :-)
Simon N. (GM):Thibault Gorlock Arian roll Perception
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):
Gorlock (Tony):
OOC sorry kim, very LOUD and music
Arian:I'm just going to keep it on mute
Simon N. (GM):Arian you do notice a young woman in a field by the manor looking after a toddler, she has some interesting flowers in her hair and one of those floaty dresses :)
Greeba (Jelena):Plenty of children, but no grown-up barbarians? pouts disappointedly
Arian:Points out the woman to Thibault and Gorlock "Perhaps we can talk to her later?
Gorlock (Tony):ok
shall we find the lady
Simon N. (GM):The children are dancing round in a circle singing something about daisies.
Trystan:OOC Simon does Trystan know Lady Aryn?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):OOC, I though you wanted a druid, not to buy some marijuana! ;-)
Gorlock (Tony):pushing up daisies
Arian:If Arian knows the song, she will join in
Gorlock (Tony):looks like ring around the rosie
Arian:lol just a druid!
Simon N. (GM):Trystan roll History
rolling 1d20
Hmmm, clearly not
Gorlock (Tony):no history there
Simon N. (GM):No idea who she is.
Trystan:Or he was very drunk ;-)
Simon N. (GM)::)
Gorlock (Tony):shall we go to the lady...
Simon N. (GM):If you're going to the manor move your tokens to the door & let me know who knocks
Trystan:Trystan will head to the Silver Spoon to earn some silver.
Gorlock (Tony):I'll knock, 19 char
Trystan:But can do that before or after the manor house
Arian:I'll go in with them, but Arian plans on saying nothing
Gorlock (Tony):knockedy knock...
Simon N. (GM):A maid opens the door. "Hello sirs? Ladies?"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Good day, my lady, we request an audience with Lady Aryn."
Gorlock (Tony):Hello my dear, we are here to give the lady great news about the bandit situation
wink, smile
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):OOC two schools of smooth right here!
Simon N. (GM):"Oh! Er, you better come in. This way..."
Gorlock (Tony):certainly
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Can all oiur companions come with us?"
Simon N. (GM):The manor hall is spacious but quite dark.
At the far end you see a woman of 60 or so talking with two men, one about 40 could be her son, the other a greybeard man at arms.
Maid: "Some folks here about the bandits, Lady Aryn."
Aryn: "Oh? Thank you, Martha."
Arian:Arian feels a strange sense of deja vu as she looks at Sir Jorah
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil)::-D
Simon N. (GM):The maid curtsies and withdraws.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I approach Lady Aryn and stop at the protocol distance"
Simon N. (GM):The younger man wears Ranger garb that Thibault recognises as a Ranger Knight of the Golden Thorn, a martial order based in Ravensburg. He gives Arian a slightly odd look as if struck by a sense of deja vu. :p
Arian:OOC Lirael (my Ranger) married Sir Jorah
Trystan:OOC Sir Jorah? Aaargh, I'm getting my fandoms mixed up lol
Gorlock (Tony):bom, bom, bahm
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Good day, Lady Aryn"
Gorlock (Tony):wink, smile
Simon N. (GM):Lady Aryn: "Welcome, friends. How may I help you?"
Arian:OOC He was a good husband. We rode on a unicorn together ;-)
OOC not a metaphor! We literally rode on a unicorn through the woods ;-)
Trystan:Trystan will ensconse himself in a corner and start to strike up sweet music on his lute.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"We have come to bring definitive news about the twelve bandits that were attacking the travellers on the bridge nearby"
Trystan:All about the beauty of Lady Aryn and the noble bloodline of her house
Arian:taps her foot in time to the music
Simon N. (GM):Trystan roll Performance
rolling 1d20 +6
Simon N. (GM):wow
Trystan:Wohooo crit!!
Greeba (Jelena):wow!
Arian:OOC Nice!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Pity recording devices were not yet invented!
Gorlock (Tony):I can't stop swiveling my hips...
Trystan:He's literally blagging it as he knows NOTHING about the Aryn's lol
Simon N. (GM):Lady Aryn blushes. "Never have I heard such wonderful music! You are no common minstrel!"
Gorlock (Tony):huba huba
Simon N. (GM):"You must be..."
rolling d20
Trystan:A common minstrel simply would not do for such a goddess made flesh, my lady deep bow
Simon N. (GM):"Joriun Whitefeather!"
Greeba (Jelena):Ouch!
Simon N. (GM):"We are honoured!"
Trystan:makes mental note to strangle Joriun with his own harp strings the next time he sees him
Simon N. (GM):LOL
Gorlock (Tony):Why yes my lady, we've brought no one but the best to honour you
Simon N. (GM):(everyone hates Joriun, the bard in the Saturday group even more!)
Gorlock (Tony):OOC---sorry Trystan
It is a celebration you see.
Simon N. (GM):Aryn beams. "What a wonderful surprise! You must all stay for dinner!"
Gorlock (Tony):To celebrate the ndit scourgeend of the ba
bandit scourge
Simon N. (GM):Jorah: "Yes - about the bandits?"
Gorlock (Tony):we have captured them and put them to work
Simon N. (GM):Jorah: "They have not been seen on the road recently."
Aryn: "To work?"
Gorlock (Tony):They will bother no one
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"You won't have to worry about them anymore. We can guarantee it. And you and your people will not incurr a loss of revenue anymore.
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d20
Gorlock (Tony):Repairing the keep that was in ruins. Hard labour
Back breaking work
Simon N. (GM):Aryn: "I see. Well, er, well done then! Vendle, fetch the reward money."
Trystan:OOC Simon does Trystan have any starting gold?
Greeba (Jelena):grins, then calms down and smiles softly
Gorlock (Tony):everyone else has 2p
Simon N. (GM):roll 3d6 x10 gp Jelly
rolling 3d6
So 100gp?
Gorlock (Tony):woo hoot we're, I mean you're rich
Simon N. (GM):(yup) Jorah: "Which keep would that be?"
Arian:OOC Ironwolf Keep
Gorlock (Tony):Ironwolf keep my good Sir
Arian:OOC Maybe talk up defeating the orcs?
Gorlock (Tony):First we had to rid it of some terrible orcs
Arian:Arian is studiously observing everything and saying nothing
Simon N. (GM):Aryn: "Oh! I see! Very good. And the Steward of Ravenshire has granted this?"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"We have renamed it the Ironwolf keep. It used to be Fort Skulnar"
Gorlock (Tony):Ah yes
Simon N. (GM):OOC that's Steward Dahnim
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Steward Dahnim"
Gorlock (Tony):We've also battle a few other wandering souls, but now it is in good order and safer, much safer than before
Simon N. (GM):Aryn: "I see! So, we are to be neighbours!" smiles brightly
Arian:OOC It was Ironwolf before, wasn't it? Originally, before the orcs took it. We have brought it back to the light...
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):OOC possibly.
Simon N. (GM):GM: It was founded as Fort Skulnar 300 years ago, refounded as Ironwolf Keep 40 years ago by Valentin Ironwolf
Gorlock (Tony):We are ridding that place of the foul stench that was there for years
Back to its former name and glory
Simon N. (GM):After the Ironwolfs were wiped out by orcs it became known as Skulnar again
Gorlock (Tony):zoolander blue steel
Greeba (Jelena):taps foot, looking at Vendle and the Lady
Wisteria of Skullspire:Mmmmm........skulls........much bettter!
Simon N. (GM):Lady Aryn hands Thibault a heavy coin pouch (200gp)
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Thank you, your grace!"
Simon N. (GM):"I hope this contributes to your repairs. It will be so good to have new neighbours!"
Gorlock (Tony):We will put this to good work, accelerating our efforts
bring benefit to the entire region
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"I am sure we will enjoy many seasons as neigbours"
Simon N. (GM):Aryn smiles "I am no Duchess - just Lady Blackthorn - or Aryn after a litle wine!"
Arian:bows, notices no one else has done so, stands back up again
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Thank you, Lady Blackthorn"
(I bow)
Gorlock (Tony):bow
Arian:OOC There are an awful lot of children about this place
Arian bows again, now that other people are doing it
Simon N. (GM):GM: You chat for a bit, you have a few hours until dinner so Lady Aryn invites you to see her village
Gorlock (Tony):OOC - me and Thib
Arian:If we see the lady with flowers in her hair as we are walking, Arian will ask about her
Gorlock (Tony):What a lovely village
Greeba (Jelena):"Do you ever get visited by other barbarians?"
Simon N. (GM):Aryn: "Yes, isn't it?! We do have our troubles of course... there are rumours of strange goings on at Whitestone Cave to the north...."
Gorlock (Tony):I hope some day our fair keep is half as lovely as your own
Arian:"What kind of troubles are those, my Lady?"
Simon N. (GM):Aryn: "Barbarians? You mean, Narish folk? I don't think so."
Gorlock (Tony):We are just beginning a proper village
Arian:"And, by the way, I must say your cows look very healthy."
Greeba (Jelena):wistful look on face
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Thib and Trystan when Thib decides to become a bard:
Simon N. (GM):Aryn: "Bandits on the road are a perennial problem... often based at Skulnar. A few months back we had cultists raiding from Darkwood..."
Gorlock (Tony):Cultists? I think we may have solved that problem as well...
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Ka-shing!
Simon N. (GM):"Fortunately my eldest, Jorah here, has returned from the Vaasan Gate to help protct the village."
Gorlock (Tony):We executed a hoard of cultist just a while ago. Vile fellows
Unfortunately, we have not found the master
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):To Jarah:" How was the Vaasan gate? Did you have a perilous mission there?"
Simon N. (GM):nods "Probably remnants of the group wiped out by Sir Norrin and his heroes at the Shrine of Chaos. The great Paladin Victoria fell that day, but the forces of Justice triumphed over the toad cult."
Gorlock (Tony):I hate toads...
ours were toads as well
Simon N. (GM):Jorah nods to Thibault: "Aye - when the dragons attacked from Castle Perilous, I thought my last hour had come!"
Gorlock (Tony):warts..
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Slimy nastiness.
Arian:"They seemed to know the orcs, as they came looking for them soon after we had rid the Fort of them."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):To Jorah: "Wow! I am mightily impressed. Well done Sir!"
"Well done for surviving!"
Simon N. (GM):"Fortunately the Heroes of Bloodstone were there to save the day. Once I recovered from my wounds Gareth Dragonsbane gave me permission to return home. My brother Jacklyne fell recently in battle, and I was given compassionate leave."
Arian:(Do I see the flowery lady with the flowy dress?)
Simon N. (GM):Arian sees the young woman holding the toddler watching you from outside the farmhouse to the east/
Gorlock (Tony):We are off to the Underhall. We hear there is much amiss
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):To Jorah, "I am very much sorry for your loss. Leaving family on the battlefield is an horrible if noble end."
Arian:Arian pokes Gorlock and motions to the woman and whispers Can you ask about her?
Simon N. (GM):Tiffany is playing with the children, fluttering around them going "Weeeeee!!!" as they try to catch her.
Gorlock (Tony):who is this woman?
what is her story
Arian:OOC So smooth...
Gorlock (Tony):She seems very interested
Oh, hi Tiff
Arian:hesitantly "Is she one, perhaps, who is interested in the ways of the woods, Lady Aryn?"
Gorlock (Tony):Get within 100ft and ask her who these kids are
Simon N. (GM):Aryn: "Lissa? Oh, she's always been a dreamer. She shows elven blood you know... Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, though some folk did talk..."
Gorlock (Tony):I head towards Tiff.
Tht is
Arian:"If you don't mind, I would speak with her."
Gorlock (Tony):OOC - we aremostly half elf.. :)
Arian:"Xarius, perhaps you could come with me?"
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC that's actually true lol
Xarius:Sure thing
Arian:OOC I'm full elf!
Simon N. (GM):>>To Jorah, "I am very much sorry for your loss. Leaving family on the battlefield is an horrible if noble end."<< Jorah nods. "I heard he died valiantly in the service of Lady D'Ashe, reclaiming her home from evil folk."
Arian:to Lyssa "Hello, miss. I am Arian and this is Xarius."
Simon N. (GM):Aryn: "Be my guest. Her father is Farmer Brown - over there by the shrine, with the cows."
Gorlock (Tony):OOC - Xarius has 19 Char
smooth talk her
Arian:(Retcon) "Thank you, Lady Aryn""
OOC that's why I brought him
Simon N. (GM):Lyssa looks a little wide-eyed. "H-hello sirs and madams."
Wisteria of Skullspire:brb
Arian:"I hope you do not feel this too forwards or strange, but I felt...a connection to you. Have you any interest in the ways of the druid?"
Gorlock (Tony):Xarius, tell her about ho wwonderful our Druid is
Arian:elbows Xarius
Xarius:although I am not a druid myself I have seen what wonderful things a Druid can do
Gorlock (Tony):OOC - she's looking for recruits
Xarius:OOC - I am trying
Simon N. (GM):Lyssa: "Druid? I..." she looks uncertain. "A man came by yesterday trying to lure me away from the village. He said an elven prince was pining for me, his heart breaking without me... You're not from him, are you?"
Arian:OOC Yes, that is why I brought Xarius along
looks aghast "Certainly not!"
"I am looking for an apprentice."
Simon N. (GM):GM: Arian can roll Persuasion w advtg for Xarius' sunny smile :)
Gorlock (Tony)::)
OOC well, that's better than normal anyway. sigh
Simon N. (GM):Lyssa: "I've long dreamed of such things..." peers "I think you were in my dreams, milady. But I must talk with mother."
"Mother! Strangers are here! They want me to go with them!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Lock your daughters, Arian is here!"
Arian:Arian frantically looks around for Gorlock and Thibault
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I'm right there. I'll talk to the mum.
Arian:OOC Look knightly, O Paladin!
Simon N. (GM):A burly woman with a large hat emerges from the shrine. "Lyssa! What did I tell you about talking with strangers! I had to run the last one off with a broom!"
Arian:Arian bows deeply to the woman.
Simon N. (GM):"I'm Meg Brown, Lyssa's mother." peers hard at group of adventurers
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Dear Madam, I am Thibault, knight of the golden Cup!! I bow to the mother.
Simon N. (GM):"You're not from that elf prince wanting my daughter for his harem, eh?"
Gorlock (Tony):
Arian:"No, ma'am, indeed not."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Most certainly not! Our intentions are most honourable!"
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC really glad Trystan isn't within earshot lol
Arian:"I would, if your daughter is willing, like to teach her a profession. I am looking for an apprentice."
Simon N. (GM):(OOC one of the Saturday PCs is literally an elf prince who hired a guy to find ladies for his harem...) :)
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"We wanted to request your blessing to take your daughter in apprenticeship as my companion Arian has felt her gift"
Arian:bows again "I am a druid."
Gorlock (Tony):OOC--Great idea!!
Simon N. (GM):Meg: "Well I hope it's not cow herd! We been trying that for years!"
Gorlock (Tony):Tiff, do you recognise the song?
Simon N. (GM):Thibault & Arian can roll Persuasion
Arian:"I felt a great gift within your daughter. I do believe she has what it takes to be a druid. Perhaps you have noticed that she has a great connection to the land?"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):
OMG Finally!
Gorlock (Tony):I'm so proud
Simon N. (GM):Tiff: "It's Ring a Ringa Rosies, Gorlock! About a great plague that kills everyone! It's fun! Wheeeee!"
Gorlock (Tony):Sounds horrid
Simon N. (GM):Meg smiles. "Well you do seem like decent upstanding folks. Where do you live?"
Arian:Arian nearly faints from the shock of her words having the desired effect
Gorlock (Tony):Why do they sing that song
Arian:"We recently liberated Fort Skulnar from the orcs and are rebuilding it with the blessing of the Duchess."
Simon N. (GM):Tiffany: "No idea! Mortals are weird! Weeee!"
Arian:"Under Sir Thibault here."
Gorlock (Tony):Lady Aryn, I can't help but hear the song the children are singing....does it have some meaning?
OOC-Tiff drives me crazy some times...
Simon N. (GM):Meg: "Skulnar. eh? That's a good 10 miles from here? You'll escort her back every Tenday to visit her poor old parents?"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Absolutely! You have my word! and we'll educate her and help her realise her promising potential!"
Gorlock (Tony):We may not personally escort her, but she will be escorted..
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Yes."
Arian:"Besides druidcraft, I can also educate her in herbalism and brewing."
Simon N. (GM):Aryn: "Yes, long ago a great plague swept the land. People resorted to using a posey of flowers to the nose in an attempt to ward it off... they would sneeze then fall down - perish."
Gorlock (Tony):Terrible
Sad thing to play a game about
Simon N. (GM):Meg: "And you want to do this, Lyssa?" Lyssa nods eagerly. "Yes mother! I always knew I was meant for something like this - not cows!"
Meg Brown sighs, nods. "Very well then. I'll tell your dad. You try it out, see how things go, And be careful - theer
Gorlock (Tony):OOC -are we to come back for her?
Simon N. (GM):there's bad things out there!"
Arian:"You have my word."
Greeba (Jelena):(OOC of we're going straight to Underhall)
Gorlock (Tony):Or are doubling back?
Arian:holds out a hand for Lyssa to shake
Gorlock (Tony):we'll b back my dear, we have a few things to sort first
Simon N. (GM):Meg nods, takes the baby and heads over to Mr Brown. Lyssa gives Arian's hand a nervous shake.
OOC Skulnar is on the way to Underhall
OOC food break, brb 5 mins
Arian:OOC If its on the way, why not take her now?
Gorlock (Tony):Oops, i've lost my sense of direction...
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Yes
Greeba (Jelena):OOC might as well!
Gorlock (Tony):my int is very low :(
Gorlock (Tony):Good looking, dumb as a post
We're off then
Greeba (Jelena):(OOC you have no words?
Arian:Ha, yes, that's true!
OOC Am not good at the words! I'd have an easier time talking to the cows!
OOC But now I've got an apprentice and someone to help tend the garden and in a month will be able to make healing potions as needed.
Gorlock (Tony):Off to the keep...
farewell Lady, good sir
We will be back soon
Greeba (Jelena):waves "Byeee!"
Gorlock (Tony):yippe kiyay
woops, forgot about dinner...
Shall we feast?
Greeba (Jelena):We did promise, it would be rude to just disappear...
Gorlock (Tony):blue steel
wow loud
Feast it is
Arian:Simon, I made a token for Lyssa :-) I put it in the Messenger for later
OOC Gonna make her into a Squirrel Whisperer!
Greeba (Jelena)::D
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil)::-D
Gorlock (Tony):have we lost Simon?
Arian:He said he was off to get a drink
Gorlock (Tony):ahh
Arian:Heck, I need one too brb
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK you have a nice dinner with Lady Aryn and are invited to stay the night at the manor, return in the morning.
Gorlock (Tony):rest, Warlocks always need rest
Greeba (Jelena):with Lyssa, and after paying 2sp each for our horses
Gorlock (Tony):I paid already
Simon N. (GM):Lyssa asks Arian a lot of questions about druidic stuff.
Gorlock (Tony):loaded at the moment
Keep getting funds from Patreon
someone likes my jewerly
Arian:Arian waxes poetic about the Forest Father
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):LOL
Simon N. (GM):Next morning Lyssa Brown says goodbye to her family and neighbours
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Goodbye good people of Fulscarp!"
Gorlock (Tony):I think I'm going to branch out to Etsy
Simon N. (GM):Lady Aryn: "Do come visit again soon!"
Arian:"We thank you for your kindness!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Makes a reverence to Lady Aryn. "Will do with pleasure!"
Arian:to Mrs. Brown "We will take good care of Lyssa!"
OOC Greeba is still looking for her minion
Gorlock (Tony):OOC - we need to divide the llot
Simon N. (GM):Meg Brown smiles a little tearfully and waves her daughter off.
Gorlock (Tony):how many are we?
Simon N. (GM):8 w the npcs
Arian:OOC Why don't we wait until the end, we might get more?
Gorlock (Tony):ok
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):The only problem is that we forget afterwards.
Gorlock (Tony):agreed
Arian:I write it all down :-)
Gorlock (Tony):12.5 each
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Ah cool. If Arian write it own, then I am happy to wait.
Gorlock (Tony):ok
back to the ranch and then off to underhall
Arian:OOC Max says he wants a minion too ;-)
Greeba (Jelena):OOC Greeba is still trying to get in touch with Braltak
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Arian, you want me to talk to Sirondar to make sure your apprentice is well looked after or do yo have other plans?"
Simon N. (GM):Kim I've put the npcs in your journal so you can edit & add to their cash
Gorlock (Tony):I wish I could on the crafting bit, but I am sworn to never take an apprentice
Arian:gives Lyssa some rat jerky "Here, for later. I shall introduce you to Shaggy."
Gorlock (Tony):maybe I can train some junior Warlocks.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):That would be great Gorlock!
Gorlock (Tony):They'll be called the Harem
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):School of magic!
Simon N. (GM):Lyssa eyes the rat jerky. "Looks ...tasty."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Bad start. Arian!"
Gorlock (Tony):ooh
Arian:"Er, it might be. But it's for the wolf. You'll see."
Simon N. (GM):smiles "Ah! I see."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Ahhh ok. I thought it was for her... coocies would be better.
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
Arian:sighs. She still has much to learn about people
Simon N. (GM):GM: After a 2 hour ride you arrive back at the fort ca 11am
Gorlock (Tony):might need food?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Which leads me to our first lesson in persuasion and influencing people..."
Gorlock (Tony):our new compagnion
Arian:Arian takes Lyssa around and introduces her quickly to everyone, including Shaggy, and sets her up in a room.
Simon N. (GM):Frank and Grimsby greet you. Dove is busy installing a heavy inner door in the gatehouse.
Gorlock (Tony):shared room ?
Arian:I'm not sure how many rooms we have ready?
Simon N. (GM):Grimsby: "Treble door system will trap attackers beneath the murder hole...."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):We have a special room for new hires to let them believe it's theirs and after two weeks, they are thrown in the barn's hay.
Arian:And I don't know how old Lyssa is, but she's not sharing a room with Gorlock ;-)
Gorlock (Tony)::)
Simon N. (GM):You can write your names on your rooms.
Lyssa looks about 19 or so.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Too old!
Gorlock (Tony):how?
Arian:Who wants to bunk in the 3 bed room with Arian and Lyssa and Shaggy?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I congratulate Master Grimsby and Mistress Tailjoint for their remarkable work!
Gorlock (Tony):Text box instead of pointer
Greeba (Jelena):I can, thanks
Gorlock (Tony):Little i
Greeba (Jelena):"Thanks for sharing, Arian, although I could sometime sleep over at the forge"
Simon N. (GM):Thanks for Lyssa token Kim!
Arian:"You are welcome, Greeba, so long as you don't mind Shaggy's snoring."
Greeba (Jelena):"But nicer to have a less.. metallic room to rest in"
Gorlock (Tony):I can't delete the one up top.
Arian:She's gonna be the squirrel whisperer!
Gorlock (Tony):like the corner
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Thib feels relieved that he sleeps two rooms away from Gorlock... no reason...
Gorlock (Tony):safer in number
Arian:Wisteria going to bunk with Elia?
Gorlock (Tony):plus more ways to eldritch blast
Arian:The room to the north looks like it could fit two beds
Greeba (Jelena):With the small door?
Simon N. (GM):Frank's boys are settling in to the SE tower, which Grimsby is redesigning to be the lynchpin of a layered defence system, with access to the battlements.
Gorlock (Tony):I'm sure we could fit 3 :)
Arian:Proudly shows Lyssa the garden
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Sirondar can bunk up with me"
Simon N. (GM):Lyssa: "It'll be lovely!"
Arian:There is the master bedroom upstairs too
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"I love Grimsby... my man!"
Arian:Though Elia may have bad memories of that
shyly "Most excellent work, Mr. Grimsby."
Gorlock (Tony):I volunteer to be brave enough to go upstairs...
Simon N. (GM):Elia would prefer to avoid upstairs.
Arian:I thought she might
Greeba (Jelena):"Are we going to Underhall now, or shall I start some smithy business?"
Arian:That's why I thought the room off the Great Hall might be good for her and Wisteria
Gorlock (Tony):Underhall
agreed Arian
Wisteria of Skullspire:Yes that sounds good! And Trystan happy to bunk with Gorlock
Simon N. (GM):Grimsby smiles sweatily. "Lots more to do! The Ironwolfs never finished the place, but the location is good, going to be right fine!"
Arian:Yep, Underhall, though Arian will make sure Lyssa is settled
Gorlock (Tony):Happy to be banished upstairs
Plenty of space for Trystan
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Tell me if you'll need more materials, master Grimsby!"
Arian:OOC Arian will make Shaggy a doggy bed later
Gorlock (Tony):drop off our things and head out quickly?
Simon N. (GM):Grimsby: "We're making do with what we got so far - lots of good stone here."
Greeba (Jelena):"let's go, then!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"OK, let's go after a good night rest!"
Simon N. (GM):GM: Who are you taking north to Underhall?
Gorlock (Tony):Yep
Simon N. (GM):OK it's 11am now though so w horses you could be there in a few hours
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Sorry, I didn't realise it was the morning!
Greeba (Jelena):"Everyone who wants to come! and is not busy with repairs/guarding the fort"
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC I'll take both my characters if everyone is OK with that?
Greeba (Jelena):"Trystan? Sirondar? Elia?"
Simon N. (GM):about 16 miles to Underhall,just west of Cumin manor
Arian:Not Lyssa! Arian instructs her to settle in and familiarise herself with the fort.
Greeba (Jelena):We have enough horses
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC Simon what time are we planning on stopping, just so I can plan dinner?
Simon N. (GM):Lyssa nods gravely, feeding Shaggy the rat jerky. He licks her hand affably.
9pm ok?
(just had my dinner - cheese bread & salad) :)
Arian:And tells Frank to look after her
Simon N. (GM):Frank: "Look after her? Er.... like bring her stuff?"
Arian:"Make sure she settles in well, that's all."
Wonders if Frank is as bad at peopling as she is
Simon N. (GM):gives Arian odd look "Er, sure... I'll go get Estie. She likes that sort of thing."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Well, he was a military personel before so it might not be his forte"
(I whisper to Arian)
Arian:"I just don't know much about his boys, so I hope they keep in line. Lyssa is a young lass."
"I don't even know all their names yet."
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"I'll have a word with Frank about that"
Simon N. (GM):Estie Longossip Thibault's maid takes Lyssa under her wing & helps her settle in. The rest of you ride north down the crags from Ft Skulnar onto the heathland, following the trail north as it skirts the Darkwood forest.
Arian:Simon, not for now, but later -- I don't see Lyssa's sheet yet in the Journal
Though I'm guess she'd be like Elia, where she gets a half share??
Simon N. (GM):(still need to do Lyssa sheet) ca 2pm Cumin Manor is in sight to the north as you take a trail west into Darkwood.
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC yes sounds good thanks DM!
studiously ignores The Midnight Tree if we go anywhere near it
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil)::-)
Simon N. (GM):You've not gone w/in 6 miles of the Midnight Tree :)
Gorlock (Tony):I seem to remeber a tree with puny birds
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Me: PTSD!
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
Gorlock (Tony):Tiff...you've been here...
Simon N. (GM):About 3pm you near the ruins of Underhall. Leaving your horses safely back you aproach cautiously...
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"I have! It was dark!"
Arian:gives my horse Shirley a sugar cube before leaving
Gorlock (Tony):mind scouting a bit> first up top, then down below
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC I can't see our tokens on screen?
Gorlock (Tony):If I remember there were folks around a fire
Arian:Down below
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC oh now they appeared.
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:Do I have everyone's tokens? Down at the bottom middle
Gorlock (Tony):down below
scoll down
Arian:Yep, think so
Wisteria of Skullspire:Yes
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:goes invisible and goes to scout
Arian:Can I do a Nature check on that water?
Gorlock (Tony):Thib, wait on Tiff
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:ok
Gorlock (Tony):ok?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):OK
Gorlock (Tony):No one around?
Maybe we killed them...
Simon N. (GM):The water seems stagnant. After a couple minutes Tiffany returns. "It looks the same as before - smells even worse!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I use my Divine Sense to check the area, please.
Arian:"A good thing we did not let the horses near the water. I would not want them to drink from here."
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"I didn't see anyone, but it smells worse than Shaggy down there!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Worse than Shaggy???? :-)
Arian:Arian blinks. Shaggy smells fine?
He merely smells like wolf.
Greeba (Jelena):"Death wolves?"
Gorlock (Tony):I think we killed them... You do an eclectic celebration of the dance! You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse! You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham! Or Twyla, Twyla, Twyla! Or Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd! Or Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!... but you keep it all inside.
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:Thibault detects faint evil from the ruins
Arian:"Didn't Braltak mention some kind of devil dog?"
OOC lol
Greeba (Jelena):"Ah, that was it, then!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Faint evil, I sense!"
Gorlock (Tony):Maybe not... :(
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Did Baltrak say Devil dog or Devilled Egg?"
Arian:OOC Last time we were here, we left the Cultists to their own devices."
Gorlock (Tony):shall we go a little deeper?
love devilled egg
Wisteria of Skullspire:Wisteria has a power that lets her sense any Undead within 60ft
Greeba (Jelena):"Definitely not the egg, I would remember that!"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Eyes of the Grave
Greeba (Jelena):"Shall we explore?"
Arian:What is the red bar for again, Simon?
Simon N. (GM):>>Eyes of the Grave
At 1st level, you gain the ability to occasionally sense the presence of the undead, whose existence is an insult to the natural cycle of life. As an action, you can open your awareness to magically detect undead. Until the end of your next turn, you know the location of any undead within 60 feet of you that isn't behind total cover and that isn't protected from divination magic. This sense doesn't tell you anything about a creature's capabilities or identity.
You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.<<
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):GM: I use an action to cast Channel Divinity: Sacred Weapon, please.
Arian:Green = HP, Blue = AC
Wisteria of Skullspire:Wisteria will use it once we're inside.
Simon N. (GM):red bar is hit dice
Wisteria of Skullspire:(I have Wis modifier of 2)
Greeba (Jelena):OOC my red bar is for Rage
Arian:Ah, ok, I'll fix Max's. He should be on full
Simon N. (GM):thx
Gorlock (Tony):we tried earlier, fail...
Simon N. (GM):(these are old tokens so may be wonky, check stats thx)
Greeba (Jelena):OOC ah, so not rage, good to know!
OOC Simon, I raised Dex so my AC should be 18 now
Gorlock (Tony):I'm squishy so hanging back
Simon N. (GM):Stairs descend into darkness
(you can edit your numbers)
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):My sacred weapon is glowing
Gorlock (Tony):does anyone need light
I have light
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):
Simon N. (GM):Thibault's weapon glows brightly :)
rolling d6
Greeba (Jelena):We know :)
Gorlock (Tony):We all fill in "other" on the race question
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil)::-D
Gorlock (Tony):so modern
Simon N. (GM):You see a great dank pillared hall with a slimy pool and 3 tunnels out.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):And in the field "religion" we pit "it's complicated"
Gorlock (Tony)::)
Greeba (Jelena):Which way first?
Arian:Arian's not complicated. Silvanus, all the way.
Gorlock (Tony):always go left
Greeba (Jelena):Or the closest?
Gorlock (Tony):simpler that way, sinister
latin for left#
Arian:Nature check on pool? Just yuck water or something worse?
Simon N. (GM):OK roll Arian
Gorlock (Tony):FYI, I'm a sinister leftie
Wisteria of Skullspire:Can we head into the middle and then Wisteria do the Eyes of the Grave check before we pick a path?
Simon N. (GM):something worse
Greeba (Jelena):That sounds good, Wisteria
Gorlock (Tony):ugh, ok#
Arian:"Let us stay well back from that water."
Gorlock (Tony):slow down
Simon N. (GM):THere's a kind of unnatural slimy film on the pool surface
Gorlock (Tony):Wist
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
Wisteria of Skullspire:I'll do the Eyes of the Grave check now please.
Simon N. (GM):As Wisteria ventures too close...
Gorlock (Tony):oh no.....
so sorry
Wisteria of Skullspire:Oh darn
Gorlock (Tony):muther f....er
Simon N. (GM):The pool comes to life >:)
Wisteria of Skullspire:Disgusting! What abominations are these?
Arian:"Abominations indeed! What a foul stench!"
Simon N. (GM):
OK anyone w PP 9+ is not surprised :)
Gorlock (Tony):and I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers and you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you!
Simon N. (GM):roll init now please
Gorlock (Tony):
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):
Xarius Jaunesse (Max):
Greeba (Jelena):
Wisteria of Skullspire:
Gorlock (Tony):why didn't my 20 work?
Xarius Jaunesse (Max):Why didn't mine work? I selected the token?
Arian:Sorry, I flipped between mine and Max. He's in the toilet...
Greeba (Jelena):Max, yours worked
Wisteria of Skullspire:I don't think I can auto do Trystan's?
Simon N. (GM):Gorlock you appear to still be at the exit?
Gorlock (Tony):
Arian:Oh, mine appeared now
Wisteria of Skullspire:
rolling 1d20+2
That's Trystan's
Simon N. (GM):
Arian:At least they are slow moving. Which makes sense.
Simon N. (GM):added Trystan
Who else needs adding?
Wisteria of Skullspire:Thanks Simon
Arian:I think that's it.
Gorlock (Tony):I'm glad Ella is braver than I am.
Simon N. (GM):#21 Trystan
Gorlock (Tony):Lover, not a fighter
Simon N. (GM):The oozes ooze towards Wisteria
Trystan:Trystan will cast Sleep at level 2 on the oozes
Simon N. (GM):mark the centre point
& roll the dice
Trystan:Sorry I can't seem to mark it Simon but basically so it gets the oozes and nobody else please
and an extra 2d8 as level 2 so 7d8 total I believe?
rolling 7d8
Simon N. (GM):yup
Gorlock (Tony):Is he a wizard?
Trystan:Bard's are super versatile!
Simon N. (GM):OK Trystan casts behind the ooze the sleep washes over them; the middle one stops moving.
Gorlock (Tony):lovely bard
think I'm starting to crush
Trystan:Great, and as a bonus action I'll use Taunt on the one to the far right please
Simon N. (GM):I don't think it can hear you, it's noted as being immune to deafness
Trystan:Ah, oh dear does that mean I've wasted a Taunt?
Simon N. (GM):it is just a lump of protoplasm after all :)
Trystan:Sorry didn't realise
Gorlock (Tony):OOC - listening to a lot of Hughe Laurie lately: EE7FHPPCCRA
Simon N. (GM):Sirondar attacks
Gorlock (Tony):nice
Simon N. (GM):
Gorlock (Tony):oops wrong way
Simon N. (GM):Sirondar looks at his corroded sword. "Damnit!"
Gorlock (Tony):shit
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Thank Gods, my sword is considered magical when Sacred eapon is active. :-)
Trystan:OOC I thought Sirondar was the clever, plain-looking one lol
Greeba (Jelena):OOC is a javelin made out of wood only?
Simon N. (GM):javelin has iron tip
Sirondar sighs and hits it again
Greeba (Jelena):thanks
Simon N. (GM):
5 dmg
Arian:Quarterstaff should be okay though, yes?
Simon N. (GM):not metal yup
Trystan:Remember don't target the middle one!
Gorlock (Tony):sorry cant let go of sheet
Simon N. (GM):try right click
Gorlock (Tony):Eldritch blast
Simon N. (GM):You need to move up
Gorlock (Tony):
Simon N. (GM):to top of steps
Gorlock (Tony):ok
Simon N. (GM):ok from there you hit the one in front
it quivers
Gorlock (Tony):done
Arian:like a bowl full of jelly
Gorlock (Tony):Now defending Ella of course
Simon N. (GM):#Wisteria
30' to there being generous
Gorlock (Tony):ok :)
Trystan:I'm going to cast Bane on the left and right ones
Wisteria of Skullspire:Sorry. here I am!
Simon N. (GM):
Wisteria of Skullspire:And I'll move back if I'm not in range of an Opp attack?
Simon N. (GM):you're ok
The right hand one is too cool to be Baned :)
Wisteria of Skullspire:lol
Simon N. (GM):lefty is baned
Wisteria of Skullspire:Just oozing cool, in fact
Simon N. (GM):LOL
Simon N. (GM):on which ones?
Xarius:Which ever is the most hurt
Wisteria of Skullspire:Don't target the middle one!!!!
Simon N. (GM):right is most hurt. All on it?
Simon N. (GM):It dies
Xarius:did it take all of the hits
Gorlock (Tony):well done
Gorlock (Tony):I hate ooze
Simon N. (GM):#Thibault
(magic missiles are simultaneous)
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Can I then move without getting hit by the magic missiles?
Simon N. (GM):yes
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I charge the one on the left.
If possible.
Simon N. (GM):sure
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):
Simon N. (GM):AC 8 :)
hit :)
Greeba (Jelena):wow!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):That'll do...
+5 of the charge = 11
That's me done. Thanks!
Gorlock (Tony):Ella, it looks like he is being brave.....but I am here to defend you....
Arian:OOC She'd probably be more impressed if you got her name right... ;-)
Gorlock (Tony):ha!
Simon N. (GM):Where does +5 for charge come from BTW?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):What is the damage bonus when you charge? either +5 or push 10 feet?
Simon N. (GM):Eh?
Did you just make that up? :)
There are no charge rules in 5e
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):No I googled it quickly.
Simon N. (GM):Thought it was some Paladin class power
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Ah it's the feat, sorry!
Gorlock (Tony):Elia, I mean Elia
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Apologies.
Simon N. (GM):Please avoid googling, you'll only find weird house rules & stuff
Arian:OOC Gorlock, so many women, so many names...
Greeba (Jelena)::D
Gorlock (Tony):I know right
Elia :
It had 5 left, it shrivels and dies. "Yes! I did it! finally hit something!" fist pump
Greeba (Jelena):"well done, Elia!"
Elia :#Greeba
Gorlock (Tony):Gorlock calls all women "sweetheart" for that reason. Less downside
Greeba (Jelena):Javelin
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC I suppose it will be a mercy that the last one dies in its sleep!
Greeba (Jelena):
Simon N. (GM):Greeba throws a javelin into it. It stirs
Greeba (Jelena):and oozes more..?
Gorlock (Tony):22. Between the eyes. If it has eyes
Simon N. (GM):no eyes
Gorlock (Tony):dammit
Arian:Bonus action, cast Shilleleagh or however you spell it
Simon N. (GM):ok
Wisteria of Skullspire:Yowch!
Arian:then whack it
Greeba (Jelena):crit!
Simon N. (GM):Arian gives it a good whack
Arian:sproing goes the quarterstaff
Simon N. (GM):It lashes out at her...
She dodges back
Arian:no metal armor thankfully too
Simon N. (GM):#Trystan
Greeba (Jelena):"Kill it, bard!"
Wisteria of Skullspire:thinking sorry
Gorlock (Tony):Cumon, sing it to death
Trystan:Well you see it has no ears and lots of sound based spells, so will just use shortbow i think
Gorlock (Tony):nice
Trystan:Hopefully dead?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Yesss!
Simon N. (GM):somehow the arrow kills it!
Greeba (Jelena):Yes!
Gorlock (Tony):squish
Trystan:Trystan takes a bow
And blows Elia a kiss
Gorlock (Tony):disapointing
Simon N. (GM):You catch your breath. Suddenly, red eyes gleam in the darkness of the western passage...
ok stopping there for tonight!
Gorlock (Tony):bom bom boooomm
my hair stands on ends
Greeba (Jelena):OK, thanks Simon! Thanks everybody!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Sweeet! Thanks Simon for the great game!
Arian:Just one pair of eyes??
Gorlock (Tony):feel the power of gray skull
Simon N. (GM):4 pairs of eyes
Arian:Thanks, Simon!
Trystan:That was really fun, thank you Simon for letting me play two characters as well, much appreicated!
Gorlock (Tony):Lovely, thanks all. thanks Simon
Arian:two headed devil dog...
Simon N. (GM):cheers all :)
Trystan:See everyone next week and big love til then xxxxx
Greeba (Jelena):Bye Jelly
Arian:Have a good week everyone!
Xarius:See you all next week!
Arian:Arian is happy to have a garden and a gardener/apprentice!
Simon N. (GM)::)
Greeba (Jelena):Bye all!
Simon N. (GM):bye now!
Gorlock (Tony):hasta la vista baby
Simon N. (GM):bye!

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